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God’s power revisited…..

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A recent book by Thomas Jay Oord that presents God’s love as non-controlling has me thinking about how we might imagine this idea at its fullest extension. Tom’s rigorous way of following this line of thinking to a surprising conclusion left me wondering if we need to exercise our imaginations considerably more than usual to consider how much divine love can actually accomplish.


Risen: The Novelization of the Major Mot …

Risen: The Novelization of the Major Motion Picture

This was an excellent book ! A fictional account of the crucifixtion and resurrection as witnessed and experienced by Clavius the Roman officer in charge of the execution of Jesus and his girlfriend Rachel. The author really get’s into the minds of Rachel and Clavius and I was able to step into Clavius’s shoes and experience the story thru his eyes. Great book !


Religion and the History of Violence by …

Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong at Politics and Prose Bookstore
Armstrong demonstrates again and again that the great spasms of cruelty and killing through history have had little or no religious overlay. In modern times Hitler, Stalin and Mao were all atheists, and the power behind the Holocaust, Armstrong says, was an ethnic rather than a religious hatred. An overemphasis on religion’s damage can blind people to the non holy terrors that their states inflict.