Sunday afternoon…..

Well, Here I am on a Sunday afternoon listening to celtic music on my AOL radio and doing some web surfing. It’s been a while since I posted to my Xanga, I beleive I shall try to post more often.

I visted my parents for Thanksgiving. My Ma is still not doing real well, very slow and forgetfull, ever since the strok she had last year.  I am glad she is able to walk around, but I wish she could be more alert and energetic. She looks so frail. We had a good Thanksgiving dinner prepared by my sister-in-law: turkey etc and roast beef too !

I messed up my browser yesterday when I signed up for a new account at yahoo ! Well it serves me right I guess, I picked a new name so I could visit trashy chat rooms, so shame on me ! Speaking of software, I downloaded something called AOL Communicator which is an email program that resemble MS Outlook Express and also has the AOL Instant Messenger and a real good web radio component. I like it ! I am usually not real fond of AOL, but I do like this ! Perhaps I will try out their AOL 9.0 or 10 (or whatever the latest release is )

I am quite tired right now ’cause I just finished a 40 minute work-out DVD. I really need to work on my physical training and loose some weight ! I will endeaver to be more motivated from now on.

It is a shame that the war is still going on in Iraq, but I see that today we did well. But still it is tragic that so many must die.,2933,104407,00.html

U.S. Forces Kill 46 Iraqis Attempting Ambush


I would like to see the U.S. get out of there ASAP, but I am concerned that we will pull-out too soon and the whole thing will have been in vain. I sure hope not, but I keep seeing in the news that we are trying to turn it over to the Iraqi’s and my honest opinion is that unless we stay there for at least 10 years or so, they will just sink back into a corrupt dictatorship or form an Islamic Theocracy. Neither of those alternatives are good, but if we do stay we must take the lead and make the Iraqis shape up or else !

Today is the first Sunday in Advent. I must try and make myself more open to the work of the Holy Spirit. I was reading a book about the Rosary last nite and a thought came to me. Mary was so open to the Holy Spirit that He was able to use her as a vessel to Incarnate the Lord into this world. Christians today must be open to the Holy Spirit so that we can be the hands of Jesus in this world. As the inscription on the cross I wear says “Christ is counting on you !”