My root canal and other matters….

Very damp today, part rain, part ice. Hope I can get up my driveway !

I went to the dentist last nite for a check-up. The dentist told me her next appt had cancled, so she had lots of time for me. She asked if I would like a root canal. I said “sure, why not”. That was quite an ordeal, but I guess it has to be done. When they put all that apparatus in my mouth, I nearly have a panic attack, and for a guy with ADD being confined to the chair for 2 hours is pure HELL. Oh well, it’s over for now. Next appt is in March.

Well, I am working on a 2nd mortgage refinance, consolidate the credit cards and get a lower rate. Hopefully will succeed in a couple days, I am always short on money. Just finished getting my PLUS loan put on forbearance for a year. Sometimes I look at all the money I owe and I think that there is not a chance in hell that I will have all that paid off before I die. But, I guess the loan officers figure I will live long enough. Well, we will just have  to wait and see.