Some good pills….

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon to get something for this God-awful poison ivy rash I picked up over the weekend. He gave me an Rx for Cortisone pills, Benedryl pills, and a Cortisone cream. I picked this stuff up about 4:30 pm.

Anyway, the cortisone starts out 3 times a day for 2 days and winds down to nothing after about 10 days or so. Well, this rash is really annoying and I wanted to get 3 pills in on Monday, so I rather than start today and space them out evenly over the day; I took the 3 pills over a period of abot 4 hours plus a double hit of benedryl !

Let me tell you ! I was wasted ! After taking the last pill about 8:30 I sat down at the computer to perhaps do blog. It was all over, I just started laughing like a fool, eyes watering and felt a tingle all over ! Gawd, that was some powerful stuff !

Well, now it’s morning. I feel pretty good. Just a bit tired and a funky stomach. The rash has improved dramatically, which is good !