an unsettling dream…..

I woke up this morning, somewhat startled from a dream I had (or was having). From time to time I have a memorable dream, and I want to start recording them whenever I can. One thing I am curious about is how long a dream lasts: hours or mere minutes ? I am also curious about possible meanings of dreams; always an area ripe for speculation.

Anyway, I dreamed that my Dog (Roxanne the min-pin) somehow managed to scramble over our fence into the neighbors yard. this in itself is quite astonishing in that the fence is about 6 ft high and a mini-pin belongs to the class of micro-dawgs. I had to get dressed and walk around the fence to where the gate was and then search for her in the neighbor’s large yard. I was unable to find her.

Later on, I was in the commissary after closing and I looked out through the glass door and saw Roxanne on a leash with a stranger. I pounded on the glass but was unable to get their attention. I was locked in the store and soon Roxanne and the stranger were gone. Then I woke-up.