friday update

I am here at work, slogging away at the never ending pile of stuff……

so, anyway, I thought the sickness I had on Sunday was gone, but it retruned with a vengance on Wednesday nite. I had a hell of a coughing fit that left me breathless and now I have sore ribs ! I went to the Doctor this morning and he told me I have a cold. A COLD ! well hell, that means I’m stuck with it for at least another week. I almost wish he had told me that I had a massive bacterial infection of the lungs or pneumonia. Even though that would be more serious, at least it can be killed with massive doses of antibiotics. A cold is just gonna be there until it decides to go away. Oh well, at least I got a free bottle of robitussin as part of the deal.

I have never watched American Idol but I have heard that it can be rather rude, crude, and brutal to the loosers. I generally take dim view of shows like this. Other examples would be Survivor and The Apprentice. I think this type of shows tends to bring out the worst in people and some of the so called “reality” shows certainly have little if anything to do with reality.

So when I saw this story about a new Cristian version of American Idol I just had to look and see what was going on.

“It is our goal to wrap God’s message — His love — in acceptance, and in a way that blends seamlessly into ‘pop’ culture while still upholding the values we, as Christians, value most,” Wright Generation’s mission statement reads.

Well, the idea of Christian values blending seamlessly with pop culture is dubious at best. Contrast American Idol or The Apprentice with “blessed are the meek” or “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth…….”