It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about our extended family…..

Tony got a job where Sweetous works (a research lab). The pay is pretty good for an entry level no HS diploma job, around $11.00 per hour as I recall. It is also convenient as far as transportation goes. The drawback here is that Tony got bit by a monkey his first week there and is now on medication which makes him sick: he missed work yesterday, not sure what will happen today…..

Dave applied for a Job in maintenance at the same company. Still don’t know if he will get the job, Sweetous told me she needs to get after him to follow-up: if they don’t call him, he needs to call them…..

Tony and Dave have been doing a good job keeping the yard looking good, but I think we will need to have some extra effort to keep the house halfway clean and orderly….

Loretta started classes to get a driver’s license. I also saw that she had an application to work at 7-eleven. This is all well and good, but Sweetous and I both think she should get her GED and take some classes at the community college. Both of these kids seem short sighted, Loretta seems to be dragging her feet about school, and she and Tony are both obsessed with the idea of buying a large pick-up truck. Of course, I seriously doubt they could do that, especially when you factor in the gas & insurance expenses…..

Piglette came home yesterday afternoon and found one of the micro dawgs walking around in the driveway ! I had to re-iterate the importance of keeping the dogs in the house or inside the fence !