…..this morning Sweetous, Piglette, and I went to church. David, Davey and Tony also went, Loretta did not go. I was surprised, but pleased to see Tony go. But i do think Tony’s days with us are numbered: Sweetous was very angry at him yesterday for leaving the lights and A/C on in his room all day while he was not in there. This has been a recurring problem, and Sweetous realy chewed his ass out last night and told him he was going to have to find somewhere else to live. and she is still adamant about him leaving.

In some ways Tony does seem to be a disruptive influence; seems that he has a strange hold on Loretta and David.  They both cater to him far too much ! Another thing is that David tends to go out shopping, fishing etc. with Tony and Loretta, and often leaves 12 year old Davey alone at the house, or with Sweetous and I. Sweetous has told David that he ought to be more attentive to his 12 year old son than to his 18 year old daughter and Tony.

Anyway, I went to Sunday school today. Sweetous was planning to go to Sunday school with David after they placed Davey in his class. When we got back from church, Sweetous told me that Davey absolutly refused to go to Sunday school. David, Sweetous, and the Teacher all tried to persuede him. Some of the other kids who know him from school tried to get him to go in, still he refused. So, David and Davey waited outside while Sweetous and I were in Sunday School.

There is a problem here: a 12 year old boy should not be telling his father what he will or will not do, and his father should not allow a 12 year old boy to set the agenda ! I don’t know, but Davey may have some sort of problem. He does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time watching TV and playing video games, spends a lot of time alone. And then there is Tony again, he was fussing to Piglette about Sweetous trying to coax Davey into going to Sunday School. I don’t know….

Anyway, this afternoon, I am helping Sweetous with her college work.  This class she is in now is not very interesting. It is about diversity in the workplace. I read some of her textbook and it seemed to me that the author was just stringing big words together to fill up pages. GAWD !

We were going to clean our closet and get old clothes ready for Goodwill, but I doubt that we will ’cause this school work today is more extensive than she thought it would be ! Also I think I may need to get an  ink cartridge for the printer.