More family drama…..

……Sweetous picked me up after work today and told me that Tony had quit his job at her company. This is so irrational. He quit so that he could go to an interview for another place. The other place is farther away (Tony has no car) likely pays less, and has longr hours. Sweetous  told me that people frequently leave that place to come work at her place. So Sweetous is pretty pissed ! She had already told Tony he had to move out by the end of October, ’cause he was leaving lights on all the time and other stuff, and he was not giving us any money. Not only that, she sees him all day at work and then at home too, and Tony does have a gift for getting on your nerves. He is a very immature adolescent. I am not sure what he is thinking, he has been getting calls from mortgage lenders (we told him not to give out our phone number !) I don’t know what these loan officers are thinking !

I would like to see him gone immediately ’cause now that he will be unemployed and he is on his way out anyway, I am concerned that he will develop such a bad attitude that he does something stupid like trashing the computers or some such thing before he leaves.