very annoying software…

I have been getting very exasperated with this very annoying software !

Link: Horizon Wimba :: Accessible, Cross-Platform Virtual Classrooms, Web Meetings, Web Conferences, Web Seminars, Webcasts for eLearning, Online Meetings, Web Events, and Collaboration.

Grrrr !  Sweetous is enrolled in a BA program at Regent University, her program is all on-line.  She relies on me for technical help with the computer. I am a semi-geek, so most of the time I can help her pretty good. Tonight was a different story !

This Wimba software looks like it could be pretty interesting, but I tried to set it up for Sweetous tonight and so far we have been unable to get it to work properly. I tried with Firefox & MSIE, had problems with both. Then I wanted to start all over, but could not find where on the website I had started from before ! Growl ! I know that I am more geeky than most people, I like to play around with software. So, if I am having so much trouble with this, I can only imagine the trouble some of the other people in Sweetous’ class must be having.

Hell, I think they would be better served by using Yahoo Messenger ! Well, I hope we can get this thing working right in a few days anyway…….