some notes and scary medical stuff…

……fairly good day at work today except  that I kept getting interruptions to do print jobs for people. Oh well, I still got some stuff done.

I went to the Navy Hospital today to pick up some pills. I also remembered to order LB’s pills which I will pick up tomorrow. I need to make an appointment with my primary care doctor to go over my labs for cholesterol and BP pills, and I need to have the oral surgeon check out my giant cell granuloma.

Medical stuff is a time consuming pain in the ass, but I you gotta do it. I am 50 years old and my goal is to live to be 100 and still be walking around.  I used to try and stay away from doctors, but I suppose as I get older, if I want to continue to get older — I shall have to hang out with doctors ! Proabably ought to get rid of my beer belly too.

So anyway, I had a phone consult today with endocrinology. The doct I saw was on a road trip, so I talked with a fill-in doctor. He told me that my labs were normal and it was not likely that I had hyper-parathyroidism. or a vitamin D deficiency. He suggested that I look up jaw tumor syndrome on the web, which I did. I have not looked at anything real close yet, but it all seems to be related to parathyroids, calcium, and vitamin D.

The fill-in doctor told me to call for an appointment with the Endocrinologist I saw before. So, I shall hang   out with doctors some more, and hopefully they will fix me right up so I can get on with my second 50 years.

OH, I finally got that wimba software to work (I think?) ! To all who read this, I hope you enjoyed all the unusual medical information…….