Sweetous was not at all happy last night, and I don’t blame her at all.  Dave, Davey, and Loretta seem to be slacking off on doing their chores. Sweetous went into the guys room last night and found a bunch of soda cans and other trash. Davey has started to slack off on his homework too. Loretta’s room was a mess too, and she has not been giving us the $50 a week that we had agreed on. Loretta will be gone in another week, back to Tony. She could have gotten a drivers license and finished High School while she was here – but she squandered the opportunity. Kids !  Then Dave has been slacking off on paying us back the money we have lended to him. Sweetous and I were trying to figure out whether he is just forgetting or what ? He has a full time job, and he lives with us, no child support or anything like that – so I don’t know what the deal is there. Anyway Sweetous went on the warpath last night, so they will probably get it together better, at least for a while.