Giant cell granulomas and other matters….

..yeaterday, I had my appointment with oral surgery to follow-up on the giant cell granuloma. Doctor said it was gone and completely healed. He said the “puffy” area I felt was sublingual saliva gland which I could feel because I was missing so many teeth. My scans and labs were all normal, so I am good to go as far as the giant cell and the hyperparathyroid isssue goes. I do need to follow-up with ENT about the acid reflux isssue, and of course continue to watch my BP and cholesterol. Also, it goes without saying that I need to loose weight and get more exercise ! But, there ! I said it anyway.

I mentioned previously that Davey had gotten in trouble at school earlier this week. On Tuesday evening Sweetous and I sat down with David and Davey and discussed the matter. It was agreed that David would have Davey see a counselor and that Davey would also stay after school on T,W,Th for the “homework clinic”.

Yesterday as I was leaving the hospital, Sweetous called me and told me that Davey did not stay after school ! She was very angry ! When I got back, she was fixing Davey a hamburger. She told me that she had confronted David when he came back from work and had told him that things needed to change or David et al would have to live elsewhere. Yes, Sweetous was quite upset about all of this. David was keeping a low profile, asleep upstairs.

….stepped out for lunch, back now Anyway, we Sweetous and I went to Bible study group last nite, David stayed home. Sweetous is normally a very private person, one of her mantras is that she “doesn’t want anyone to know our business”. Well, last night she was talking to the other ladies in Bible study about David & Davey for a good half hour !

The consensus seems to be that both David & Davey need more structure. David needs to take a more active role in Davey’s life (which I have thought so too, since the first week). One specific idea was to get rid of Davey’s TV to ensure that he does his homework. I am not sure if we need to get rid of the TV, but yes, absolutly he needs to do his homework, and really it should be his Dad, not me or Sweetous who enforces this !

My kids certainly have their issues, especially LB, but they never got in trouble at school ! I don’t recall ever having to ride them about doing their homework or minding their manners at school – somehow they just knew that they had to do this. The people in the group told me that even though I didn’t get on them specifically – they knew from our example and the structure we gave them that that is what they needed to do.