friday evening…

I am really tired right now, so I best go to bed soon. I am feeling much better now, the antibiotic seemed to do the trick. Of course it could be that it was just time for it to go away. In any case I am glad.
Fairly busy at work today, I might go in some on Sat or Sun. We’ll see. I should I guess ’cause I missed a day this week, and I need to leave early once next week.

Well, I will probably catch some flak for this, but I’m gonna write it anyway. I am concerned about Loretta. She is not sick or anything, but just seems very unmotivated. Of course this is not a new thing. She has not taken any steps to get her GED or a driver’s license. She does not seem to be interested in connecting with anyone here. Today when Sweetous and I came back, she made herself very scarce, especially when she saw us start doing some cleaning around the house. She often stays up late watching TV or she falls asleep on the couch. She stayed in the recliner all night last night watching TV. Every time I got up last night, she was still there, the TV still on. Honestly, I am concerned about her willingness or ability to care for her baby when he/she comes.