friday morning….

Here sre some misc, odd, wierd links from my morning web prowl…

The Muslims are pissed off again, this time about a picture of a guy wearing a pig nose, who they claimed was mocking Muhammad. I suppose we could really pis them off if we wanted to by building Spam packing plants in Iraq. The Danes could jerk their chain by producing Danish canned hams with pictures of notorious Islamists on the cans. The possibilities are endless.

Here is an interesting blog for those who love to surf the web and find all sorts of interesting stuff, this is where I first saw the item above about the guy with the pig nose. Seems to be somewhat similar to also. is in bad taste, but funny as hell. There is something there to offend anyone & everyone, go take a look ! Also, you can buy t-shirts here that are sure to offend your Liberal friends.

And, here is one for the guys, a wikipedia article about cleavage !