…today is day 1 of year 3  of my second 50 years, it`s my 52nd birthday ! I actually nearly forgot, but my brother sent me an email.  I told Sweetous that Kevin sent me an email and she said, “oops, she forgot” .  She thought it was tomorrow.  No biggie. I also got an email from Borders with coupons ! I shall buy  books and CD`s !

Anyway,  just an ordinary day otherwise.  Stayed up too late last night `cause we had Bible study, so I was tired today.  I am pretty well caught up at work, so that`s good. I went for a walk today. I shall have to that more in the coming year. Seems like I`ve said that before. Well, it would help me make it through to year 100, which I hope to do. God willing.