I’ve  been hearing on the news and talk shows the past week a lot about illegal immigration across the Mexican border. This issue was actually not one which I had given much thought.   I tend toward being a humanitarian, but I also know that border security is essential. We are at war now ! We must secure our borders at once ! If we need to build a fence and station troops at the border, I say let’s get to it !

I am not sure what to do with the illegals who are already here, I suppose the best way would be to deal with them on a case by case basis being as charitable as possible.

In addition to securing our borders, the Federal Government needs to bring the employers that hire these people under control ! Not only are they exploiting the poor by paying substandard wages, they are also undermining our national security by enticing people to cross the border illegally !

I propose that the employers be held accountable and severely punished !  The punishment must be personal too ! Do not allow these crimminals to hide behind their corporations, lawyers, and liability insurance.  All  individuals involved must be brought to heel and severely disciplined; starting with the CEO and Board of Directors all the way down the chain to the first line supervisors.