Today I was helping LB & Steve move into their townhouse, also helping Dave et al. move to their apartment. So soon it will be just me and Sweetous again.
Sweetous is giving Dave a lot of our furniture and some dishes So we have been movingĀ  / cleaning the house too. Gawd we have a lot of stuff and junk ! We’ll clear the place out some and we can clean, fix things and get new furniture gradually as we have time and financial resources. So, Sweetous worked me hard today and my back hurts !

Sweetous say my back hurts ’cause I’m too fat! She has been doing good though going to Curves and watching her diet. I should get more exercise too, but it is not easy to fit it in between work and helping Sweetous with her classwork, but I suppose I do spend too much time surfing the web too.

No diet today though. We are taking Piglette and Josh out for dinner to celebrate Pig’s 21’st birthday ! Happy birthday Piglette !