The Little Old Computer and other matters…..

I’ve heard it said that “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”, and hell, I do believe they are right ! BALLS & HELL ! Sweetous is watching dogs all weekend I am all by myself with lot’s of time on my hands. It’s hot as hell out too.

So anyway, I was loitering in my air conditioned computer room at home and all of a sudden something bit me on the ass. It occured to me that I ought to mess with a computer. I had this little old laptop under my desk gathering dust. Nobody had used for six months or so. That was the same one that I had to reformat a while back ’cause the folks I had designated to use it had trashed it so that the A drive was broken and the hard drive was infested with all sorts of interesting critters, trash, and other unsavory stuff….

Now, just for the record, I gotta make it clear that I did not put any of the interesting critters, trash or other unsavory stuff on said computer. But anyway all of that was in fact present on said computer. This was all back in the Fall of 2005 when somehow all of critters, trash, and other unsavory stuff came to the attention of Woman Sweetous. I don’t even recall how the discovery came about, but it did.

Anyway, Sweetous was vexed, annoyed, and just plain pissed off that there was critters, trash, and unsavory stuff on that old computer. Yes it was old even then. It’s been old for a good while now. We bought that for LB when she started college and she has been graduated well over a year now. Sometime in the middle of her college career LB had coaxed me into buying her a new computer. I’m a pushover for my two princesses: LB and Piglette. In fact Pig has been after me to get her a new one, so far I have resisted her pleading, but sooner or later…

Piglette still has another year to go in College.

Anyway, Sweetous had confiscated the little old computer and presented it to me, telling me that she had discovered that there was critters, trash, and other unsavory stuff residing on said computer. Now, Sweetous does not like the critters that like to take up residence on computers. She also doen’t like trash. But what she really really really doesn’t like is other unsavory stuff.

Sweetous gave it to me and requested that I fix the little old computer, but first she pointed out some of the critters, trash, and most of all the other unsavory stuff that had taken over the little old computer. I checked it over, and Sweetous was in fact correct in her assesment that there was critters, trash and other unsavory stuff on the little old computer.

There was only one thing to do…

I reformatted the hard drive and then reinstalled Windows. Then I loaded some applications programs and set it up on a small empty desk in the parlour. At the time we were using the parlour as the computer room. Anyway, the little old computer sat unused on the small desk in the parlour until about a month ago when something bit Sweetous on the ass and she decided we needed to reconfigure the rooms in the house. The little old computer ended up sitting unused under my desk in the new computer room upstairs until today.

So, today I decided I would mess with it. I had stopped trying out various assorted Linux distros on my regular computer ’cause it was getting to be a pain in the ass sometimes when I needed to help Sweetous with her stuff etc. So, I put Windows back on and decided not to keep changing the operating system every couple weeks just for the hell of it.

So today I was trying out various Linux distros on the little old computer. Now, of course there really was no good reason for that. Just something done bit me in the ass, or it could be ADHD I suppose. Anyway I don’t know what I did, but now the little old computer won’t boot at all ! BALLS, HELL, and DAMN ! Sweetous will probably give me hell.

Well, I suppose I could try messing with it again sometime, or perhaps let Steve or the IT guy at work mess with it. The worst case scenario would be to put it on the truck (the one of which Sweetous is profoundly proud) and haul it to the dump with the other junk that’s on it now.

For now, that is the end of the story of the little old computer.