sleep monitors….

While surfing the web this morning I saw this article about a sleep monitor that is worn at home on the wrist, thus avoiding an overnight in a clinic.

I have read that Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that can kill you.  Sweetous has told me that sometimes she hears me suddenly jerk myself awake at night, and a couple years ago my Doctor had me do an overnight at a sleep lab.

The folks at the sleep lab said I did have some Apnea but not a severe case of it. Well, I was quite well aware of the fact that I hadn’t slept well that night.  I was in a strange places, wearing a funny gown, trying to sleep while a bunch of strangers watched me. There was wires dangling all over me and the wires were attached to an apparatus perched precariously on a cart beside my the bed. Before they tucked me in, I was cautioned about excessive moving around while asleep because that would tear the wires loose.

Well, of course I didn’t sleep well ! I was not surprised when the Doctor told me that I had apnea.

The Doctor told me all about surgery to fix the problem. He also told me about a machine that blows air into your nose at night while you sleep. Well, I really wasn’t interested in surgery. Especially surgery involving breaking my jaw and messing around inside my face. And the idea of sleeping while a machine blows air into your nose is ridiculous.

That was several years ago, and I’m still prowling around.