the “B” word !

I was listening to the radio this morning going to work and the DJ said “BASTARD” about six times ! Yes, he said “BASTARD” on the radio ! Can you beleive it ? I mean who the hell goes around saying “BASTARD” several times in less than five minutes ? Of course, I have heard much worse than that, on  the air and off. Well hell, I’ve been known to utter a profane oath from time to time myself. But, it’s been a while since I heard the word “BASTARD“.  I wonder what the most common swear word is ? I don’t think it is “BASTARD“. Anyway, the context in which the word “BASTARD” was used was the DJ was talking about the management company for their building; that they were keeping the A/C set a too high a temperature and everyone was way too hot ! He said they were “cheap BASTARDS”  Well, I gotta say that I agree ! They are some cheap stingy BASTARDS !

So, I hope all you “BASTARDS” reading my blog have a great day, and even if you are not a “BASTARD“…

I hope you have a great day too !