The Way

I don’t really identify with either the Republicans of Democrats.  I’m not Socialist or Capitalist. In some ways I am very conservative, in other ways downright radical.  As I say, I am eclectic. I think my strongest identity is with Jesus Christ and the Church, although I can’t claim to be a saint by any stretch. Anyway, I was surfing the web and found this page on a philosophy called Distributism. This really rocks ! It’s a Christian philosophy that seems to me to try and follow the teachings of Christ very closely.

Of course like every other philosophy I can’t buy into it completely. For me, the biggest problem is in the emphasis on peace. Not that I am against peace, but until Christ comes again; I think we need to have (and use) a strong military to keep the peace. In any case they advocate a way of life that would require a lot of adjusting from an American  “middle class” retired military Baby Boomer. But it is a good philosophy to hold up as an ideal.