notes about the temptation of Christ

Reading the story in Matthew 4:1-11 when Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Each time the Devil tempted him, Jesus responded by referring to scripture. Of course the scriptures should be our guide in life, especially when we are facing temptations.

However, it is also interesting to note that Satan also quoted Psalm 91 when he told Jesus that God would send the Angels to protect him. It seems that those who quote scripture are not always speaking for God. Perhaps scripture alone is not enough. What else might we need ?

I think the answer to that is in the story in Matthew 3:13-17 and 4:1 where the Spirit descends on Him when He is baptised and then the Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit when he quoted scripture and of course Satan was not.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit, and that we should pray in the Spirit at all times. Jesus, the Incarnate Word, faced down the Devil when He was filled with the Spirit. For us to understand scripture and to succeed in resisting temptation, we need the Holy Spirit.