Seven Dealy Sins Quiz

Sweetous and I went to a potluck dinner with people from church at John’s house this evening. We had a good time, and will start having study group again in a couple weeks. So, now I am checking relaxing on my computer before bed. I sometimes say that I am an “expert sinner”. Being as old as I am, I’ve had lots of practice. The Seven Deadly Sins provides an interesting framework for analyzing all sorts of human behavior. Many things we would usually think of as “good” are actually not so good. An example would be Capitalism. Most people think of Capitalism as a good thing, and to be honest; one must aknowledge that we get many benefits from it. However, Capitalism is all about accumulating wealth; which is greed. Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

So, this evening I saw a quiz to find my favorite sin. I usually think it would be Lust, or Wrath because I tend to be very impatient and I can’t keep my eyes off the women. According to this quiz…

I am a SLACKER !

Greed: Medium

Gluttony: Medium

Wrath: Low

Sloth: Medium

Envy: Low

Lust: Low

Pride: Very Low

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