big green snot pills…

I have sinus congestion frequently and I am a regular user of big green snot pills which I find to be very effective. There are many brand names for them but Sudafed is the best known. The efficacious ingredient is pseudoephedrine.

I have noted that over the past year or so they are getting harder to find because the drug companies are marketing a different medication, often using the same brand name. Buying the real thing (psuedoephedrine) is getting to be a pain in the ass….

To buy medications with psuedoephedrine or the similar substance ephedrine, one must produce a driver’s license and have the transaction recorded in a database. Some stores even have it at the Rx counter which means that one must wait in line !

The reason for this is that psuedoephedrine is popular in the illicit drug community because it can be used as a raw material to produce methamphetamine. I don’t know any of the fine points, but it seems very strange to me that people will buy large quantities of pills at retail prices to produce small amounts of meth ! Really, I just don’t see this as being cost effective !

This concludes my rant about the big green snot pills.