I had a good day at work today, kept busy but was not overwhelmed; worked on a couple spreadsheets and boxed up some old files to ship out.

Last week I was at the dentist and she prepared a tooth for a cap and put a temporary cap on it. Last night the tooth started to bother me some. Today it was a bit more bothersome, not intense yet. But, I know from past experience that these things only get worse, they don’t get better. So I called the dental office and was able to get in this afternoon. The dentist poked around some and gave me an antibiotic. Now, I’m scheduled for a root canal in two weeks. Nothing like a good root canal

I was observing my micro-dogs and noted that the smallest of the small, Puppy is able to intimidate Roxanne and Penny by agressively posturing and growling at them. Each of the other two dogs is twice her size ! I think Puppy probably feels insecure and figures she better take control of the situation, or else. It is fiunny to see the two bigger dogs scurry away when she growls at them.