Sunday update…..

…a somewhat busy weekend. Friday nite I lurked and prowled in the dark corners and back alleys of cyberspace.

Yesterday, I drove young Piglette to Bethesda to take the GRE. It was a pain in the buttocks finding the building,  and HELL !  the restrooms in the hallway were all locked ! So, then I drove to my office which was nearby and did my thing. Then I checked my email and someone was searching for a file, so I looked around in the dark corners and obscure piles of stuff in the building but was not able to find it. I suppose I’ll look somemore on Monday. Later that day, Sweetous and I went grocery shopping.

Today I went to church and then took Sweetous’ car to Sears for an oil change. Then I went to Borders for a while.  They are building a Barnes and Noble in the Mall, looks like it will be ready in about a month. That will be cool, a Borders and a Barnes and Noble within sight of each other. So, now some web surfing and later to bed.