tuesday lunch time…

I’m at work today, but things are fairly slow at the moment. I spent the morning alternating between a spreadsheet, messing with my blogs, and writing an essay on Isaiah 55 which is one of my favorites. Then I got brain fatigue and so far have not finished it.  I plan on publishing it here and on helium when I finish it. I guess for now, I will release what I have on google docs. You can read the unfinished piece here.

Earlier this morning I had a sudden compulsion to eat sweets, so I went over to 7-eleven and got a box of malted milk balls: I ate the whole box ! I don’t know what posessed me to do such a thing ! I’m sure to crash later.

Tomorrow we will go on a road trip to visit my Parents in DuBois, PA.  So, either tonight or in the morning I will have to put the dogs in the kennel. I hate doing that, but I can’t do a road trip with three rowdy micro-dogs. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !