Go figure….

Well, I was intending to finish the tape I was transcribing today, but such will not be the case. I had to goto the doctor early this morning ’cause of watering eyes since last night. Then, I find that I must cart about 30 boxes of old files from the other building over to my office. These are to be sent to Iron Mountain for storage. I also received 3 more tapes to transcribe; all for the same case. So, I go from slow days to having a small back log.

I thought today would be slow, but for some reason all the “big guys” are here today. Tomorrow the office is closed, but I figure I will come in and work on my stuff ’cause I must drive Sweetous to work anyway tomorrow.

The doctor gave me some eyedrops. I was reading the side effects sheet and it said they may cause itching, burning, red, watering eyes. The reason I went to see the doctor was ’cause I have itching, burning, red, watering eyes. Go figure !