christmas ’06

It was a rather hectic Christmas. LB and Steve both worked and Sweetous was watching dogs for the past 3 days. I went in to work some over the weekend; and also visited with Sweetous everyday. We had Christmas dinner at LB and Steve’s house. Nothing like what my Ma used to cook, or my Sister in law cooks now; we got a pre-fab turkey dinner at Safeway. It was good, but of course doesn’t measure up to down home cooking.Sweetous and I will visit my parents tomorrow and Thursday. We intended to stay ’til Friday or Saturday, but there were unexpected developments at Sweetous’ workplace and she has to work on Friday afternoon. I had taken leave Thurs and Friday but I will try to sneak out real early tomorrow. I did get a lot done today and should finish the project I was working on tomorrow. So, I will likely be able to leave early. Hell there was hardly anyone at work today anyway. That is a big advantage of my job over Sweetous’, I do have a lot of flexibility in my hours.