sunday morning….

Sometimes I tell Sweetous she is bi-polar. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist, so this is all just speculation on my part. She doesn’t really get depressed that I have noticed but sometimes she does get awfully ambitious; like something just comes and bites her on the ass all of a sudden. When this happens it is often me that feels the pain ! LOL !Last week we gutted our closet and Friday we bought new shelves etc. for it. So yesterday Sweetous paints it while I am gone and then I laid down floor tiles. Next weekend the shelves come and we will put them in together. Anyway, I wake up this morning and the kitchen is all tore up and the cupboards are half painted and taken apart; Sweetous told me she did that last night while I was sleeping. She went to bed at 2:00am. So that was in addition to the closet.

So, as if that was not enough, this morning she comes over to me while I am on the computer and asks me if I want to pull the desks out of the computer room and lay down new floor tiles in there ! I told her no, no, no, and hell no !

She’s my sweetie and I love her, but she sure does get hyper ambitious sometimes ! Whatever bit her on the ass yesterday did a hell of a job. Yikes ! Sweetous is downstairs somewhere, and I cannot hear her. I better go see what she is doing.