holding forth on the subject of weddings…

…being the father of two young princesses I have an interest in the subject of weddings. Both of my girls are preparing for their weddings this summer. Sweetous and I told them quite some time ago that we had no intention of paying for fancy weddings because we had paid for the bulk of their education. The other thing is that neither of us are well versed or interested in etiquette, event planning, social scenes etc. We are both practical people of a somewhat stern and aloof disposition. The girls on the other hand want to have nice weddings with lots of guests; LB especially seems to be fascinated by the prospect of a glamorous wedding and of course reception. Anyway, we are holding the financial line as much as we can, but we keep getting hit on for money; and of course it is fairly easy for the princesses to talk me into parting with the green.

The way I figure it ought to be done is for the couple to consult with Pastor, Priest or Civil Magistrate and just get it done: quickly, on the cheap, with minimal fuss. The girls will have none of that though. Oh well. (hope they don’t read this and get mad at me, but they do know my curmudgeonly thoughts on the matter)

Sweetous and I had a very plain albeit exotic wedding. We were both in the Army in Stuttgart, Germany when we decided to do the deed. We booked a 5 day tour package to Roskilde, Denmark. We had a great time touring the city and were married by a Danish Magistrate. I don’t recall what the cost was, but I’m sure it was not too terribly high. Denmark has (or had at the time) a wedding industry sort of like Las Vegas does in the United States. Many American soldiers in Germany went to Denmark to get married because the requirements to get married in Germany were more difficult than in Denmark.

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  1. …another point I forgot to mention is that the time and resources spent on the fancy stuff could be better spent on such things as a house, paying down student loans etc.

  2. I agree there are lots more practical ways to spend money that is being spent on a wedding but I do believe it is possible to have a nice memorable wedding without breaking the bank. Something the girls will be happy with and that papa wont cry over too much. The main thing is to look at alternative sources. Here is just an example. (my daughter is also getting married) She looked at some wedding lights to hang up at the reception location and I agreed they would look nice but at $5.00 a box, that is ridiculous when I have the SAME white lights as Christmas lights that I paid $1.00 a box for! I think the key to a lot of it is to stay away from stuff that is specifically marketed to weddings as much as possible. Also to cut down on flowers, we are sticking more with greenery and ribbon, still the same effect of greenery with a splash of color but fewer flowers….anyway, just some random thoughts.

  3. The white lights example is instructive and hilarious simultaneously; what a range of prices for the same thing !

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