monday evening….

We had a nice time at my parents place this past weekend. Sweetous and I took my parents and Mike and Piglette out for dinner on Saturday evening to the Italian Oven. Very good stuff; I had shrimp scampi on spaghettis with olive oil & garlic. Yummy ! The only drawback was it took all evening because everything was crowded as hell on account of Mothers Day and it was also Prom day. On the way home Sunday, we went shopping and bought bikes. So today we went for a nice ride in Black Hills Park. We both need the exercise, especially me. One of my co-workers told me I was winded from climbing stairs at work today. I did get a couple of aerobic puffs from the bike ride. I will have to ride more often so I can loose some pounds, and lower my BP.

One thought on “monday evening….

  1. That sounds like a nice evening out. This is a busy time with the proms etc, hard to find a restaurant without a waiting line.

    I need to get back to bike riding but right now remodeling the old house is about all I can stand after a day of unpacking the new house and helping my mom.

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