tuesday evening…

We went for a bike ride in Black Hills park after work. There was a minor thunderstorm in progress as we rode. LB called me and tried to talk me out of riding in the storm, but Sweetous was insistent that we ride, so we did. We got wet, and I am worn out now, but otherwise it was a good ride. Sweetous tells me I did better than yesterday. Good thing we finished though ’cause on the drive home the thunderstorm intensified quite a lot.

This storm was pretty minor though compared to one last summer when we were watching the Parish farm; a ferocious thunderstorm was in progress and we had to go in the field and bring the animals in. That was scary as hell!

The new office is nice, although still a lot of chaos as things are not all set up yet. To me though there is a subjective experience of being crowded or something. Everyone is in much closer proximity than we were before and for me the change is somewhat drastic ’cause before I had my own office in a building that was devoid of other people most of the time. Now, I share an office in a building where everyone is just down the hall and the receptionist has the key to the bathroom. There is no objective evidence that the work environment will become more restrictive, but I am somewhat leery about that. We shall see.

On a happy note, they did have a free lunch in the break room yesterday and today. Today was particularly good: BBQ pulled chicken on hard rolls & pasta salad ! I love free food !