wednesday wrap-up

I did really good for physical activity today: a morning walk 20 min, a lunchtime walk 20 min, and a 60 min bike ride after work ! So now, I am tired to say the least.

Today was a rather annoying day at work. The Office Manager told me that I must get rid of my private stash refrigerator ! Balls & Hell ! I had that in suite 6 for nearly as long as we were in there ! So when we moved I set it up in the new file room. So today I was told that in the new building it is forbidden to have one’s own refrigerator. Balls and Hell ! She also was displeased with the generalized disorder of people not having finished unpacking etc. and fussed about the boxes of files being in the file room. Well, hell ! I had a few boxes left in there, but some people decided they ought to box up their old files and put them in the file room when we moved in ! They should have gave them to me before the move so I could have shipped them to storage. So now, I have to get more boxes ready for storage ! A co-worker concurred with my earlier thought that we are all too close together in the new building.