a quick note…

I took leave today and mostly lounged around the house. I did get out for a manly breakfast after I received Sweetous’ package from UPS. I’m feeling kind of lame today, not sure why. Earlier today I was not able to focus my eyes well enough to read or look at the computer, I kept seeing raggedy looking flashes of light. I could see well enough to not run into things but it was very unnerving and disturbing. Now I see just fine other than a generalized sluggishness. I will go to bed soon. Hopefully this is nothing serious that would interfere with my being at Piglette’s wedding this Saturday. I considered going to the ER but decided not to ’cause most of the time doctors don’t know why a person is sick and they really don’t know what to do. They just make their best guess and / or tell you it will be gone in a few days. Oh well.

Enough complaining ! I’m looking forward to the wedding, although that does have it’s stresses as well.

2 thoughts on “a quick note…

  1. Hey Dennis, not to alarm you BUT-remember the old saying “better to be safe than sorry”? Hopefully (and probably)I am wrong, but your description of what happened to you warrants a trip to the Doctor(soon). They can then do some tests to determine whether or not you may have possibly had a “mini-stroke” or some other sort of cerebal issue. Have it checked out! Maybe too many MANLY BREAKFASTS!! LOL. Take care, Smitty

  2. Yeah, I looked up that mini stroke later on and it was a bit un-nerving. I feel fine today though. I do need to break down and see the doc though. Doggone it ! And I suppose I should curtail the manly breakfasts too. BALLS ! Oh well. You take care too !

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