Lurker Day

Lurker Day « Dime a dozen

I was surfing the wordpress blogs and came upon this blog. I thought this was a cool idea so I will do it on my blog also. Please answer the following questions by posting a comment…

  • Who are you?  Dennis Reasinger
  • Where are you from? Maryland, USA
  • Do you have a blog? of course I do !
  • What’re your politics? I’m not really into politics but I would say I am an eclectic mix of ideas; generally to the left on economic issues and to the right on moral issues.
  • How did you find this blog? I live here.
  • Do you visit regularly? I live here.

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One thought on “Lurker Day

  1. Here are my answers

    Who are You – Nancy Chisum
    Where are you from – Texas
    Do you have a blog? several
    What are your politics? I really hate politics but I do vote, as far as whether I lean towards liberalism or conservatism I think I am pretty much on middle ground but if I were to lean one direction or the other it would be conservative.
    How Did you Find this Blog – followed you here from Journalspace – LOL
    Do you visit regularly – I try

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