an interesting quote and some of my random thoughts…

A quote from St. John Chrysostom that I saw on Jim Wallis’ blog

“Search the scriptures.” … Their meaning is not expressed superficially or set forth in their literal sense, but, like a treasure, lies buried at a great depth.

This reinforces some of my recent reading (Borg etc). When read with excessive literalism the scriptures loose a lot of their power. It seems that fundamentalism and literalism is a creature of the late modern period. Ancient, Medieval scholars had much richer understandings of scripture. I think that the scriptures have multiple meanings; they spoke directly to the people at the time they were written, but also to all ages by the power of the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, I don’t buy into the way some contemporary theologians will attempt to make the Scriptures agree with science. Of course, science and technology are quite useful, but they really don’t have the last word about anything. God does.

….just some of my random thoughts.

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