in Yooperland….

Steve drove us to BWI this morning and we arrived in Marquette at 2:00 pm. It’s cold up here, but not as cold as it can be, right now about 25 degrees. We just finished a Thanksgiving dinner and now we shall just chill out. My broadband modem is working nicely although I do think it is a little slower than FIOS. I am considering keeping it though; I’ll have to see how I can restructure my plan with Verizon. Penny the dog we had that we gave to Dave is doing well, looks like she slimmed down some.

We changed planes in Detroit. A lot of people don’t like airports but I thought the Detroit Airport was cool. First of all everything moved quite smoothly. Walking to our gate, I noticed a small elevated train inside the concourse; never saw an indoor train before, I was impressed. Leaving that part we passed thru a “tunnel” or hallway that was decorated and had sound effects like some sort of place one would find on Second Life; now that was really cool !