It’s COLD inside !

Way back in July my heating contractor called and wanted to schedule annual maintenance on my furnace; I declined because I was busy with other matters. He tried again in October but, again I put it off ’til an unspecified date. Anyway, yesterday the weather got very cold here, and simultaneously my furnace stopped working. I called them last night and they wanted to send someone out between 10pm and midnight; I told them that the next day afternoon would be good ’cause I did not want to be up that late having work done in the house. So, today is even colder, the snow is coming down, and I am waiting for the furnace guy to come. He is supposed to come between12pm and 4pm. I’m hoping that he does ’cause it is colder than a witches tit in a brass bra ! The micro-dogs hope he comes too !

I left work early but I did bring several projects home to work on whilst waiting on the furnace guy. Yeah, I am very busy at work this week.