I am awake at my computer before 6:00 am on a non-work day

I am awake at my computer before 6:00 am on a non-work day ! Sweetous had to work today, so when she got up I did also and let the dogs out for a while. I debated whether to stay up or go back to bed and chose to return to bed. However, I wasn’t really able to get back to sleep. Last night before going to bed I had started thinking about new year’s resolutions and became obsessed with the idea of doing a blog about resolutions.

I have never been into making resolutions. I resist the idea of setting goals and making a commitment to accomplish any particular task within a given time frame; preferring instead to lurk and prowl my way through life. Of course I actually do make and keep commitments: I’ve been married to Sweetous for over 20 years, we raised two princesses, I served in the Army for 20 years, I have held a job with the same organization since 1992, and I attend church almost every Sunday. However, it is true that I really prefer not to make commitments.

Keeping in mind my aversion to planning, goal setting, and commitments; I will now make some flexible resolutions for the rapidly approaching new year….

practice a healthier lifestyle: I intend to walk at least 3 days a week and do the stairs in my building at least 4 times a week. I will eat a healthier diet and will avoid eating junk in the break room at work. I will endeavor to get more sleep.

spend less time on the Internet and / or improve my use of the Internet: read more complete articles on the web and reduce the “hit & run” web surfing. try to write more of my thoughts and opinions in my blog rather than just copying links; links are fine but thoughts and ideas are necessary too.

read more books: I have a nice pile of books to read, so I need to get to it; less time on the web will be helpful to accomplish this.

simplicity and frugality: eat out less and eat less carry-out food and more stuff made at home. avoid the mindless accumulation of stuff. specifically do not buy a new computer this year because the one I have now works perfectly well ! do not buy an ipod, you don’t need one !

spirituality: put more effort into our small group study, read from the Bible more often, consider going to wednesday evening study group, attend mass or healing services at the Life in Jesus Community more often, be aware of the seven deadly sins and endeavor to avoid them.

Looking at the above resolutions I see that they all seem to be in synergy with one another. Effort and accomplishment in any one of them will be helpful in the implementation of the others. This is good. Finally I will close this list with “so help me God” not that I am making an oath but as acknowledgement that I cannot accomplish anything without Him.

Happy New Year to all !