wednesday morning…

Actually feels more like a monday but it’s wednesday. I got into my office this morning at 6:00 and went through my email & fixed & printed a spreadsheet. Then I did some push-ups and a full down / up circuit of the stairs in the building. Back to my desk, I read Psalm 2 which had a footnote for Hebrews 1, which is a very cool chapter I think. I will let the passages stand without comment except to say both are good.

In my email this morning was an invite to a new service using wordpress from the same folks that have I have a blog but don’t use it anymore. I also note that a lot of people have problems with it. I thought I might try the new .net service and tried to sign up, but was not able to do so !

I have a blog and I know of at least one other service using wordpress; I’m curious how many other sites out there use WP.

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