too much water ????

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The nurse called me again today and said I may be drinking too much water ! Balls and Hell those doctors are such a pain in the ass and I think half the time they’re just taking a best guess anyway. I had told them the last phone conversation I drank 10 liters a day; that was really just a wild guess I have no idea how much. I know I do drink a lot and always have, so it’s not likely they’ll teach this old dog new tricks ! I probably over estimated how much, I suppose I should keep track so I can say for sure how much.

I was feeling crappy last nite but feel fine today. I got a lot done at work today too; I’m hoping to finish this big project I’ve been working on for a while, tomorrow. I made good progress yesterday but was interrupted by the having to pack and ship some boxes of files to storage. I did one circuit of the the stairs today at work, I will do some more tomorrow.

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