friday evening…

I was really really really busy at work today, but I did get a nice bunch of stuff done. One project took longer than expected and another was a surprise gotta do it now job, but all in all a good day. I was sooo busy I didn’t even surf the web or check my blog ’til after work ! Of course, I’m always busy and productive at work, even when I do get some surfing / blog time in.

I had this really dicey sickness earlier this past week, but I seem to be doing fine now. Those virus things hit hard and fast, but at least they generally don’t hang around too long. I’ll take a good slug of Nyquil later tonite to keep it all at bay.

The dogs were being rowdy in bed last night, so I’m hoping to sleep better tonight.

OK, now let’s dig up some eclectic linkage…


Pligg Beta 9

My Web BETA – Interesting Today – Yahoo! – I wasn’t sure if this was still around, I know yahoo has so I guess they will keep this around too.

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Dennis Prager — Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality