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Today was a busy day, but I really did not make a lot of progress ! I went to get my blood drawn for labs, so that wasted about 2 hours. At work I did a lot of loose ends stuff but did not get a lot done otherwise. I gave some stuff to Heather to do, so that will help me some. There was lot’s of ice out today, hoping tomorrow will be nicer. Mike and Piglette came down for the weekend; they all went out shopping ! I told Sweetous and Pig to be careful in the stores ! LOL,  I always get uneasy when the women go to stores. So, now I’m just taking it easy listening to music and prowling the web…

Here is a nicely organized health & medical information site: OrganizedWisdom Health – Human Powered Health Search.

Cloudo – The Computer Evolved – this looks interesting, but doesn’t seem to be working yet; appears to be some sort of web desktop and applications set-up; sort of like think free or zoho perhaps ? It’s getting to be that you really don’t need to buy software for your computer because there is so much available via the web….

Web operating system – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Web desktop – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia