friday evening….

Wow, today was really hectic at work ! The project from Hell reared it’s head again; I think it went out the door this afternoon though. Hope so anyway. Even without that, I would have been quite busy today. We are trying out a new transcribing device. Rather than record onto cassettes, we are trying out a digital recorder. It holds more than cassettes, and the playback is via software rather than a cassette player. Pretty cool, and the sound is much better !

Here are links to a couple of writing / social networking sites that I joined recently. Both sites are generally of better quality than MysSpace or FaceBook, my opinion anyway.

Welcome | Gather – Gather is a place for you to connect with people who share your passions. It’s a place where you can contribute thought, art, commentary, or inspiration. We’ll reward you for all the great things you share with others in your communities of interest. And together, we’ll continue to build a pretty special place to hang out online.

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Seven Years in the Making, Draft ELCA Statement on Sexuality Punts | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

A long-awaited draft statement by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America shies from taking a position on homosexuality, saying the church has yet to reach consensus on the matter.

I don’t know what this consensus nonsense is ! Once a sin, always a sin; the ELCA is just to lame to take a strong stand. They would rather pander to our deranged culture. I should jump ship and become a Catholic.

Well, Today I started working the plan that the Psych guy gave me for loosing weight. I didn’t quite make the 2 x 20 minute walks, rather I did 2 x 30 minutes. I should be able to get 40 minutes by tweaking the route a little bit. I did really well with the calories though; I consumed just under 1,700 calories today and my target is 2,400 ! That really wasn’t too difficult, but I know I will have to maintain vigilance. Anyway, I am done eating today, so I did good. I gotta say though: I am tired ! I bet I sleep well tonight.