sunday evening…

The  weekend went by fast ! I stayed up late Friday and Saturday and slept late ! Sweetous has been working late all week too; she’s hoping that will end in a day or so. This evening I was playing around with Linux ’cause Sweetous’ PC won’t finish booting Windows. It seems to work just fine with this PC-LOS live CD. I may install that for her if she wants me too. I had Damn Small Linux running on it too. She tried the DSL and liked it ok except her mouse didn’t work. The mouse works with PC-LOS.

I tried both of those on my Lenovo too. The live CD’s boot faster than my Vista does ! Hell ! But, with PC-LOS my display was not quite right and with DSL I couldn’t get the internet connection started. I’m sure that could be fixed, but I don’t know how right off hand.

Well, I better get to bed earlier tonight!