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I started the day of with a brisk 35 minute walk. When I started this program I set a standard to walk 40 minutes 2 times a day. I am finding that hard to actually do: not only simply because of time constraints etc but also I seem to be walking faster and it takes less time to cover a given distance. The route I did this morning was longer than what I had been doing but I covered that in 35 minutes ! This is actually a good thing I think.

Calories Burned Mowing Lawn – Walk, Hand Mower – I recently bought a lawn mower, the old fashioned human powered kind. This morning I looked up the calories burned, over 600 calories per hour ! That’s impressive ! I am looking forward to trying it out but first I must put it together; which I am not looking forward to. There are some other benefits to using this type of mower: better for the environment and conserves gas. An added benefit is I suspect this type of mower will be much more durable than the gasoline powered ones.

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