saturday evening…

Wow, I am right tired old dog ! This morning I cut my back yard grass with an old fashioned human powered reel mower. That took 90 minutes and burned over 900 calories !  In addition to being good for exercise, this type of mower is also good for the environment and petroleum conservation.  I suspect they are also more durable than regular mowers.

Later in the afternoon, after recovering from mowing the lawn, I went to Barnes and Noble where I browsed amongst the books and had a skim latte with sugar free syrup. I bought a couple books: Jung to Live by: Eugene Pascal: Books and The Working Poor: Invisible in America: David K. Shipler: Books. I have a nice stack of books to read, so I’ll have to get on that. So many books, so little time.

Whilst prowling about the mall I was suddenly ravished by a ravenous hunger which seized me and deposited me in McDonalds where I proceeded to eat a Big & Tasty, small fries, and an Ice cream. When I finally regained control of myself,  the damage had already been done: I exceeded my calories allocation for today ! BALLS ! HELL ! Damn !

Of course, even though I was hungry as hell, I should have maintained control rather than allowing the hunger to control me ! So, it is my fault, my own fault, my most grievous fault that I did this and I must do better !!

2 thoughts on “saturday evening…

  1. SHAME ON YOU DENNIS!! LOL! We all fall off the wagon occasionally!! Just get right back on it and persevere!! My weakness is Pizza when I fall!! Smitty

  2. Yeah, I’m back on track. The good thing though is even though i went over my quota, I still burned more calories than I took in.

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