the rich fool…

Reading a post in Nancy’s blog this morning caused me to think about the Parable of the Rich Fool. This story that Jesus told is a dramatic illustration of the futility of devoting one’s life to the accumulation of wealth. So many people dissipate all their time and energy trying to get richer and richer and in the end have nothing to show for it.

This parable is also a good expression of my Eschatology. No one really knows when Christ will return or the world will end; nor do they really know the details of what will happen when it does happen. Of course many people have all sorts of elaborate theories about eschatology and the End Times. I believe that Christ will come again as promised but I do not attempt to figure out the details; but for practical purposes I believe that the “end” for each person is when they die. That is when they will meet up with God. No one knows when they will die, so we all should be prepared to meet God anytime and all the time. We should use our time and energy to love God and other people rather than trying to accumulate more and more stuff.

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